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"Anti-sugar" trend powers Toothfriendly product sales

Consumers bought more Toothfriendly products in most markets in 2015, but it's not just because there are more products available; they are also more conviced to avoid sugar, researchers have found.

Sugar denied

22. November 2016, Basel - According to new consumer study commissioned by BENEO, 57 percent of consumers polled said they actively try to cut their sugar intake. A healthy diet (58 percent), weight management (56 percent) as well as tooth decay (37 percent) were named by respondents as concrete reasons to limit sugar intake.

On the other hand, respondents said they are not prepared to completely forego sugar, with taste beign the number one reason at 58 percent. Twenty-four percent said sugar provides essential energy and 20 percent indicated that sugar acts as "mood food". About two out of three respondents agreed that naturally derived sugars from fruits, vegetables and plants are healthier (64 percent). A similar number also said they preferred natural sugars to low calorie sweeteners (65 percent).

The study of 1000 U.S. consumers, commissioned by BENEO, was conducted by Ipsos, one of the world's leading market research firms.