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Kids toothpaste gets certified

Two new toothpaste products have been granted the "Toothfriendly recommended" -seal.

EdelWhite Kids

The Swiss-based oral care specialist Scanderra has revamped its Edel+White children's toothpaste line to fulfil the Toothfriendly criteria. Available in seven flavours, Scanderra's Edel+White kids toothpaste comes in a 7 x 9.4 ml set to create an element of variety and fun to the sometimes stressful event of brushing one's kids teeth.

TeirueMDMeanwhile in Germany, Dental-Kosmetik introduced a new Toothfriendly-endorsed range of premium kids toothpastes for the rapidly expanding Chinese oral care market. The line named as "TeiRueMD" (pronounced Theramed) debuted in Spring 2017 and includes two flavours - strawberry and minty calcium - sold in 50 ml tubes.

Oral care companies wishing to display the Toothfriendly endorsement on their product labels need to comply with provisions that have been laid down by Toothfriendly International. Both Edel+White and TeiRueMD children's toothpaste contain 500 ppm bioavailable fluoride - tested an confirmed by the Dental Institute of the Zurich University.