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Toothfriendly-certified Orion gum hits the shelves in China

Orion is the first major Chinese company to commit to Toothfriendly labelling scheme. Orion's Xylitol 3+ chewing gum has been scientifically tested by dental experts and is guaranteed safe for teeth.

6. June 2017, Basel

productOrion, one of Asia's largest confectionery manufacturers, receives the "Toothfriendly" endorsement from the dental experts of the Toothfriendly International organization for its chewing gum range. Orion's Xylitol 3+ gums have undergone a stringent testing procedure.

Scientific pH-tests demonstrated that Orion's gum has no risk for caries or erosion, as it does not depress the plaque-pH below the critical level of 5.7. When the acid concentration falls below this threshold, teeth can be damaged. Orion's xylitol-based gum is the first major Chinese product to fulfill the criteria, and has been granted the recognized "Toothfriendly" quality seal.

"Dentists welcome Orion's new gum range", confirms Dr. Albert Bär of Toothfriendly International. "We are thrilled to see the first Chinese manufacturer to join Toothfriendly's program. The surge of sugar-free and Toothfriendly products will benefit the oral health of millions of consumers across the country."

Dr. Bär sees great potential for Toothfriendly-labelled products in China. "The market for healthier snacks is still largely an untapped market, though consumer demand for functional candy is rising rapidly. We believe that the Chinese consumers will pick up the Toothfriendly concept fast.

According to market analyst Mintel, three in four Chinese consumers consumed gum and three in five ate mints in 2016. Out of all mint consumers, 45% ate functional candy such as throat soothing lozenges or vitamin-enriched candy.


Link to Orion's Xylitol 3+ website: http://gumevent.orion.cn