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We are a non-profit association working for better oral health.

Our trademark, the Toothfriendly label, is a signpost for Toothfriendly products and services, worldwide.

This label stands for Toothfriendly quality according to clearly specified, demonstrable criteria. Products and services accredited with the Toothfriendly label include:

  • Confectionery and beverages
  • Medicinal products
  • Pacifiers
  • Oral care products
  • Fluoridated salt
  • Dental practises
  • Play groups
  • Educational courses

Toothfriendly International was founded in 1989 with seat in Basel, Switzerland. The association is governed by an Executive Board of dental professionals. The members of the association include prevention-minded dental professionals as well as associations and companies working in the field of food and oral care products.

See here the Statutes of the association.


Our mission is to motivate providers, i.e. industry, health care professionals and educators, to come up with Toothfriendly products, services and information.

By certifying guaranteed Toothfriendly products and services, we help people to do the right thing - throughout their life - for maintaining oral health. We award the Toothfriendly trademark only to products and services that meet our rigorous standards.


The Toothfriendly trademark is registered worldwide. Currently, the Toothfriendly label is being used on hundreds of products and services in over 40 countries.

As an umbrella organisation, we support the promotional work of our national associations in Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Japan and Korea.

Through the charitable arm of the association, the Toothfriendly Foundation, we support caries prevention programs in regions with elevated caries risk.



We cooperate for more than 30 years with the dental profession and the industry internationally.


We ensure that all our transactions are not in conflict with current scientific knowledge.


We ensure that the Toothfriendly label is used only in relation to products and services which support our mission.


We are ethical, honest and reliable in all our relationships.


We strive to act in a manner that builds trust with everybody.



The Toothfriendly logo was created in 1982 on an initiative of the Swiss University Dental Faculties to distinguish confectionery products that are safe to teeth, i.e. are non-cariogenic and non- erosive. In the same year, the first pH-telemetry test institute was opened at the University of Zurich to enable the measurement of Toothfriendly products in human volunteers.

In 1982, also the Swiss Toothfriendly Association (Aktion Zahnfreundlich Schweiz) was established in Basel. Today, the association counts over 500 members. A survey conducted in 2010 shows that over 90% of the Swiss population recognize the Toothfriendly label. Thanks to a prevention-minded oral health education system, most Swiss children learn about the benefits of the Toothfriendly label already in primary school.


Germany was the second country to introduce the Toothfriendly label in 1985. Today, the German Toothfriendly Association (Aktion zahnfreundlich e.V.) counts over 700 members.

1989 INTERNATIONALToothfriendly products web

In 1989, a new association, Toothfriendly International, was established to license the Toothfriendly trademark to companies outside the Swiss and German borders. New action groups were established in Turkey, Belgium, UK, Spain and Argentina.

1993 ASIA

The Toothfriendly label made its big debut in Asia in the early 1990’s. New action groups were established in South Korea and Japan, and later also in China and Thailand.


In 1997, a new Toothfriendly Association, Diş Dostu Dernegi, was established in Turkey. Today, the association publishes a tri-annual Dental Journal, hosts active Dis Dostu Dental Clubs at the Universities and counts over 10’000 followers in its social media platforms.

2001 SOCIAL PROJECTSToothfriendly Foundation web

The first Toothfriendly social project was initiated in Turkey in 2001. Disler Yolunda (“Every Tooth is Alright”) provides free dental care and education for underprivileged children. In 2007, a similar school- based caries prevention project was introduced in Romania.


Since 2004, dental professionals have the possibility of becoming supporting members. Today, the national Toothfriendly associations count over 1000 individual members worldwide.


In 2005, the first tooth brush and toothpaste were labelled with the Toothfriendly label. To make sure that each product is safe and effective, an independent Advisory Board evaluates each case to ensure that manufacturer’s claims are backed up by reliable scientific evidence.


In 2006, over 100 Swiss playgroups and nurseries following the guidelines of the association are accredited as “Toothfriendly”. Since 2010, the Turkish dental practises are being certified as “Toothfriendly Clinics” according to strict quality criteria.


In 2008, the first pacifier which does not provoke open bite – as demonstrated in a 27-month comparative study - was certified as Toothfriendly.

In the same year, the Toothfriendly logo appears as endorsement on the first fluoridated salt product in Germany. Fluoride demonstrably strengthens dental enamel and reduces the harmful effects of plaque.


The world's first Toothfriendly candy store was opened in 2012 in Germany by Tobias Elger, a dentist's spouse with passion for healthy ingredients. Elger's visionery perspective on sugar-free sweets was key when he established Zahnfreundchen



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We at Toothfriendly believe that dietary advice will only be followed if pleasure is not compromised. When it comes to eating sweets, a realistic advice is to offer healthier alternatives. Since over 30 years, the Toothfriendly label is the guide to products which are guaranteed safe for teeth. See the list of Toothfriendly products worldwide.