little teeth need big friends


In 1983, University professors from four Dental Institutes of Switzerland had the idea to promote the consumption of Toothfriendly sweets for caries prophylaxis. The established a non-profit association to govern the testing, labelling and promotion of Toothfriendly products.
See here the list of certified products.
Contact us with your product information (recipe etc.) and we will let you know how to proceed or continue reading this.
See here the list of companies and brands.
Based on your product composition, typically less than 8 weeks.
First we evaluate your recipe(s) to see whether a full or a shorter test is needed, then we contact the test centers to know how fast the testing can be done and how much it costs. After signing the contract for testing, you should send us about 50-100 grams of each flavor. As soon as the test center has finished the first pH-curves, you will hear the results from us. The final written report follows in few weeks time.
Depending on the product itself and the amount of flavors, typically 1960 CHF for the first product and 200 CHF for follow-up flavors.
We are financed through license and membership fees paid by the certified manufacturers.
It depends on the volumes and region of your sales.
500 Euros annually.
They are safe for teeth, provide less calories and do not cause fast peaks in blood sugar levels.
Toothfriendly candies and gums typically have 30% less calories than sugary products.
Not all sugarfree products are necessarily Toothfriendly. For example, products which have a high content of citric acid or products which contain starch do not qualify for the Toothfriendly label.
Yes, for example the tea range of Hipp or Milupa.
Stevia is a Toothfriendly intense sweeteners and may be used in food products in most countries worldwide.
According to the Regulation, all health claims that are not specifically permitted or are still under evaluation, must disappear from the food labels by December 2012. The Toothfriendly trademark and the associated term "Toothfriendly" may, however, continue uninterrupted until at least the 19th January 2022.
No, unfortunately not. Biscuits contain starch which decreases the pH of the saliva below the critical point of 5.7.